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 +====== Bash Language ======
 +Some examples regarding the //bash// shell scripting language
 +  - [[cs:​bash_language:​Arguments]]:​ Passage of arguments from the shell to a //bash// script
 +  - [[cs:​bash_language:​Example 1]]: Extraction of some statistics regarding files (''​for''​ and ''​if''​ statements)
 +  - [[cs:​bash_language:​Example 2]]: Print the numbers between ''​1''​ and ''​20'',​ with the exception of the number ''​4''​ and ''​13''​ (''​while''​ and ''​if''​ statements).
 +  - [[cs:​bash_language:​Example 3]]: Sum of a set of numbers passed to the script as a command line argument.
 +  - [[cs:​bash_language:​Example 4]]: Script to obtain some statistics about running processes (bash ''​if''​ and ''​shift''​ commands)
 +  - [[cs:​bash_language:​Example 5]]: Found a file inside a list of directories

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