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 +====== PHP ======
 +Small guide about certain aspect of the PHP programming language
 +===== Data Structures =====
 +==== Arrays ====
 +In PHP arrays are associative. //Keys// can be //integer// or //string//, while values can be of any //type//.
 +<code php>
 +// Define an associative array with two entries
 +$array = array("​key1"​=>"​value1",​
 +               "​key2"​=>"​value2",​);​
 +         ​
 +// Cycle on array entry
 +foreach ($array as $key => $value){
 +  echo $key." "​.$value."​ "​.$array[$key]."​\n";​
 +key1 value1 value1
 +key2 value2 value2

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