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 +====== Rsync ======
 +''​rsync''​ is a useful program of the Linux shell to perform backup copies, both local and remote
 +===== Copy of specific file types =====
 +In this example, ''​rsync''​ is used to copy file with specific extensions (i.e., ''​html'',​ ''​css'',​ ''​jpg'',​ ''​gif''​ and ''​png''​) from the folder with name ''​www''​ to the folder with name ''​www_backup''​. The directories tree in ''​www''​ is copied as is in ''​www_backup''​.
 +<code bash>
 +rsync -avm --include='​*.html'​ --include='​*.css'​ --include '​*.jpg'​ --include '​*.gif'​ --include '​*.png'​ --filter '​hide,​! */' www www_backup
 +the option ''​--filter '​hide,​! */'''​ means to ''​hide''​ anything that is not (''​!''​) a directory (''​*/''​). The option ''​--filter''​ has lower precedence than the ''​--include''​ options, so this rule excludes all the file with the exception of the files reported in the ''​--include''​ options.

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