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 +====== RTnet configuration ======
 +With rtnet-0.9.12,​ RTAI and new version of kernels (e.g. the command:
 +<code bash>
 +make menuconfig
 +returns this error:
 +line 11568: .: .rtnet_config:​ file not found
 +To correct this problem the //​configure//​ file must be corrected or configuration must be performed directly with a shell command.\\
 +In the second hypothesis, for instance, if RTAI patched kernel is in the directory ///​usr/​src/​linux//​ and RTAI is installed in the directory ///​usr/​rtai//​ and a Realtek Semiconductor 8139 network card is used an example of configuration command is:
 +<code bash>
 +./configure --enable-8139 --with-linux=/​usr/​src/​linux --with-rtext=/​usr/​rtai/​

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