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Line 82: Line 82:
     * Check with the command ''​cat''​     * Check with the command ''​cat''​
-=== Observation: ​=== +**Observation:​**\\
 The command\\ The command\\
 ''​touch <​nomefile>''​\\ ''​touch <​nomefile>''​\\
Line 110: Line 109:
 === Part 03 === === Part 03 ===
-Come si comporta il programma scritto se si cerca di copiare un file binario+How does the written program behave if you try to copy a binary ​file? 
-  * Si utilizzi il file oggetto o il file eseguibile del programma scritto per effettuare una verifica+  * Use the object ​file or the executable ​file of the program written to perform a check
-  * Provarne il corretto funzionamento mediante ​diff. +  * Test its correct functioning using the ''​diff''​ command
-  +
 === Part 04 === === Part 04 ===
-Modificare il programma utilizzando +Change the program using 
-  * le funzioni ​ANSI C fread fwrite (opzionale) +  * ANSI C ''​fread''​ and ''​fwrite''​ functions ​(optionaland then 
-e quindi +  * ''​open''​''​read''​''​write'',​ and ''​close''​ POSIX system calls
-  * le system call POSIX open, read, write close. +  * Test its correct functioning using the ''​diff''​ command.
-  * Provarne il corretto funzionamento mediante ​diff.+

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