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 ====== Stefano Scanzio ====== ====== Stefano Scanzio ======
 | [[ss:​|Stefano Scanzio]] | [[ss:​Research]] | [[ss:​Publications]] | [[ss:​Teaching]] | [[ss:​Theses]] | | [[ss:​|Stefano Scanzio]] | [[ss:​Research]] | [[ss:​Publications]] | [[ss:​Teaching]] | [[ss:​Theses]] |
 +===== Highlights =====
 +[[https://​​|AdHoc-Now 2019]] deadlines were extended of two weeks (**May 15** and **May 30**, for abstract and full paper submissions,​ respectively). We remind you that one registration allows the Author to present up to **three (3) papers** on which he/she is an Author or Co-Author.
 ===== Contacts ===== ===== Contacts =====

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