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 **Link:** [[http://​​10.1109/​WFCS.2014.6837591|10.1109/​WFCS.2014.6837591]]\\ **Link:** [[http://​​10.1109/​WFCS.2014.6837591|10.1109/​WFCS.2014.6837591]]\\
 **Type:** Conference proceedings \\ **Type:** Conference proceedings \\
-**Booktitle:​** IEEE Transactions ​on Wireless Communications\\+**Booktitle:​** IEEE Workshop ​on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS 2014)\\
 **Keywords:​** IEEE 802.11 ,Wi-Fi, seamless redundancy, PRP, experimental evaluation\\ **Keywords:​** IEEE 802.11 ,Wi-Fi, seamless redundancy, PRP, experimental evaluation\\
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