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C Programming Languages (Basic concepts)

Commented examples

  1. while cycle 1: Insert 5 numbers using the keyboard and count how many even and odd numbers have been inserted.
  2. casting: Some examples about mathematical expressions and casting
  3. array 1: Print the first even number and its position of a 10 elements array/vector.
  4. functions 1: Multiplication of all the elements of a vector by 3.0, using a function (parameters are passed to the function by value).

Not commented examples

  1. while do-while for loops 1: A simple example about the utilization of the while, do-while and for loops constructs to print numbers between da 0 and n.
  2. array 2: find and print adjacent and equal values stored in an array
  3. functions and arrays 1: Pass an array to a function (by reference) and use of the library ctype.h.
  4. strings 1: String in C and library string.h.
  5. functions and matrices 1: Pass a matrix to a function (by reference).
  6. struct and typedef 1: Example of use of the constructs struct and typedef.
  7. file reading 1: Example on how to read a file row-by-row, word-by-word, character-by-character and how to read a structured file (where field of different type are save in each row of the file).
  8. file writing 1: Writing data stored into structures in a file.
  9. argc and argv: Command line arguments
  10. write and read a binary file: Example on how to write or read a binary file

More specific exercises

  1. printf format: Use of the function printf to format the output
  2. printf format inttypes.h: Use of the function printf to format the output of variables with fixed dimension, as defined in the <inttypes.h> library.
  3. max3: Compute the maximum value between 3 numbers
  4. leap year: Find if a year is a leap year
  5. boolean expressions: Examples regarding boolean expressions
  6. switch: The same program written in four different ways, the last by using the switch statement
  7. calc: Use the switch statement to realize a simple calculator
  8. sudoku: Solution of the sudoku game, given a 9×9 matrix with unknown numbers


  1. Online documentation of C functions

Material in italian: concetti_base

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