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Strange Phenomena

Some strange phenomena I would like to know why they happened. Please, place an answer in the video.

Impressive supernatural strength

Look at the blue coupon in the middle of the video, it moves by itself. It is due to the movement of my knee under the table. Any scientific explanation?

Crookes radiometer experiment

This small instrument, which is the result of an experiment by Crookes in 1873, has always aroused my attention. It runs on a shelf in my home.

It was made to rotate counterclockwise, pushed by photons, but as you can see it rotates clockwise!

Newton's disk experiment

An interesting experiment to do at home with your children. Although in the video it doesn't seem perfectly white, it is.

Here the complete explanation:

AA Battery with inverted output voltage (i.e., -0.038 Volt)

In this video the voltage of a battery has been measured with a tester and, surprisingly, the output voltage is -0.038 Volt !!! Have you any explanation of this strange phenomenon?

AA Battery Increases Voltage after Short Circuit

In this video, the voltage of a battery has been measured with a tester and, after short circuit it by setting the tester in current measurement mode, the output voltage passed from 0.946 to 1.08 Volts !!!

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