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Formal Languages and Compilers Course (year 2019/2020)

Assistant: Stefano Scanzio
email: stefano.scanzio [ AT_SYMBOL ]


  • [2020/04/06]: Added first laboratory
  • [2020/03/27]: Added example related to the first classroom
  • [2020/03/16]: Added slides of the first classroom and guide for Jflex, Java, and CUP installation
  • The material of the course will be uploaded in the course website some days before each lesson/laboratory


The calendar of the next practices in the classroom and in the laboratory (Date can vary depending on the evolution of the coronavirus)

  • [2020/04/06] from 08:30 to 10:00 (Virtual Classroom “Portale della Didattica”) → First laboratory (Group 1: A-L)
  • [2020/04/06] from 10:00 to 11:30 (Virtual Classroom “Portale della Didattica”) → First laboratory (Group 2: M-Z)
  • [2020/03/27] from 14:30 to 16:00 (Virtual Classroom “Portale della Didattica”) → First classroom practice

Tools installation

Virtual Machine

All the needed tools were already installed in the virtual machine for VirtualBox you can download here: (size: 3.9 GBytes, the password of the zip file will be provided the first practice lesson).

LABINF Virtual Machine

Download VM software:
Connect to VM: (to enter use “” as id, and “” as profile).

Installation in your PC

Install Linux Bash: How to download, install and configure Jflex, Java, and Cup in a Ubuntu Linux operating system with bash shell
Install Windows: How to download and install Jflex, Java, and Cup in a Windows operating system

Slides (Practice in classroom)


  • Laboratory 1: laboratory_1.pdf
    Regular expression and the scanner JFlex
    Before starting try to compile and to understand the following example:

Useful Resources

Pseudo Assembler interpreter


Proposed Theses (Master Degree)

Thesis proposals can be downloaded here:
If interested, for informations, contact: stefano.scanzio [ AT_SYMBOL ] (tel. 011 090 5438) www:

If you found any error, or if you want to partecipate to the editing of this wiki, please contact: admin [at]

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