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Operating Systems Course

Teacher: Stefano Scanzio
email: stefano.scanzio [ AT_SYMBOL ]


  • [2020/12/01]: Added solution of the seventh laboratory, text of the eighth laboratory.
  • [2020/11/23]: Added solution of the sixth laboratory, text of the seventh laboratory.
  • [2020/11/17]: Added solution of the fifth laboratory, text of the sixth laboratory, and explanation video to find.
  • [2020/09/22]: Added all the material and updated calendar of the first two weeks


  • u20: AWK (Outside the course topics) Not required at the exam


If you have not installed the Linux operating system in your PC, to run the virtual machines provided by Politecnico you need to follow this guide: labvdilinux-at-home-eng-v.4.4.1.pdf (Remember that you have to download and install into your PC the software Virt-viewer 9.0 )

  • Lab01: Management of files and directories, Permissions management, Link and comparisons between files, C programs and compilation
  • Lab02: Recursive visualization of a directory, Compilation and makefile, Recursive copy of a directory
  • Lab03: Analysis of concurrent programs, System call fork and shell commands related to processes, Precedence graph
  • Lab04: System call fork, exec, system
  • Lab05: Shell commands for processes and redirection, concurrency using fork() and wait(), use of signals
  • Lab06: Signals and pipe, Pipe and synchronization, Command find, Filters
  • Lab07: From recursion to concurrency, Concurrent file sorting, Concurrent file sorting and merging
  • Lab08: Bash scripts



Cheat sheet

Cheat sheet that can be used during the exam (PRINT them!)

Exam texts and solutions (before the "exam" platform)

Exam in Italian (before the "exam" platform)

In the following link you can find previous exams with solutions of the Italian version of the course:

Proposed Theses (Master Degree)

Thesis proposals can be downloaded here:
If interested, for informations, contact: stefano.scanzio [ AT_SYMBOL ] (tel. 011 090 5438) www:

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