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Operating Systems Course

Teacher: Stefano Scanzio
email: stefano.scanzio [ AT_SYMBOL ]


Added in Exams section the cheat sheets that can be used during the exam (PRINT them!)

Added text of the first laboratory: the first laboratory of the course will be Wednesday, October 16, 2019 from 11:30 to 13:00 in LAIB 5.


  • u07: Synchronization
    1. FIXME
  • u08: CPU Scheduling
    1. FIXME
  • u09: Deadlock
    1. FIXME


In the LAIBs you can use a virtual machine with Ubuntu: guide, login link (links accessible only within the Polito network).

  • Lab01: Management of files and directories, Permissions management, Link and comparisons between files, C programs and compilation



Cheat sheet that can be used during the exam (PRINT them!)

Proposed Theses (Master Degree)

Thesis proposals can be downloaded here:
If interested, for informations, contact: stefano.scanzio stefano.scanzio [ AT_SYMBOL ] (tel. 011 090 5438) www:

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